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Academic Support

Mentoring/Tutoring through SSE
The Society of Software Engineers (SSE) Mentoring Lab (GOL 70-1670) is staffed by volunteer mentors who are available for help with coursework, tips on balancing academics, and other activities. A schedule is posted outside the lab each quarter.

Review Sessions
The SSE mentors hold review sessions throughout the quarter, for help with introductory Computer Science and Software Engineering courses. The sessions are scheduled to align with upcoming exams in each course.

Physics Help
SE has hired a physics tutor to help with questions and concerns regarding University Physics I and II. The physics tutor will be available in the SSE lab during the semester (check with front office in GOL 70-1690 for times).

Academic Support Center (ASC)
The ASC hosts workshops, classes, and labs that provide instruction in reading, writing, mathematics and study skills.

The ASC has services for all students, from incoming freshmen to graduate students. In addition to skill development, the ASC offers courses designed to teach students how to improve their study techniques and how to make the most of their individual learning abilities.

Tutoring Center
Targeted, one-on-one tutoring is available in a wide range of subjects, at tutoring centers across campus. Visit their website for hours and locations of specific tutoring centers.

Khan Academy
Video tutorials on a range of subjects, including Calculus and Computer Science.
Links to great resources, tips and tricks. Plus specific study tips by subject matter.