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Co-op Grading

In order to earn a passing grade for your co-op:

  1. Submit your student evaluation on the co-op website 
    Deadline: Exam week of the term you are on co-op
  2. Ensure that your supervisor submits the employer evaluation 
    Deadline: Exam week of the term you are on co-op
  3. Schedule a meeting with your Faculty Co-op Coach (see below) 
    Deadline: End of Week 3, in the term following your co-op


Your Faculty Co-op Coach

Last name begins with...

Faculty Coach


A, Z

Mehdi Mirakhorli

B, C

Andy Meneely

D, E

Bob St. Jacques

F, G

Bruce Herring

H, I

Christian Newman

J, K

Dan Krutz


Sam Malachowsky


Kal Rabb

N, O

Kenn Martinez

P, Q

Larry Kiser

R, S

Mohamed Weim Mkaouer

T, V

Tom Reichlmayr

U, W

Travis Desell

X, Y

Naveen Sharma

contact Dawn:

ALL Grad Students

Scott Hawker


Notes on grades

  • If you are missing evaluations, you will receive an F
  • If both evaluations are submitted, you will temporarily receive an Incomplete (grade field will be blank)
  • After you meet with your faculty coach, your grade will be changed to an S
  • If you do not meet with your faculty coach by the end of Week 3, your grade will be changed to an F

Notes for students on a double-block

  • You DO need to submit both evaluation forms at the end of EACH term. You will receive an F if both evaluations are not submitted by the grading date.
  • You DO NOT need to meet with your faculty coach while you are still on co-op.
  • As long as both evaluation forms are submitted, you will receive an S for the first block.

Co-op Grading FAQs

What is the purpose of the meeting?

  • Open up lines of communication between you and a faculty member.
  • Bring depth to your co-op experience, by discussing your experiences with a knowledgeable mentor.
  • Give faculty a chance to hear about your co-op experience.
  • This meeting is designed to be mutually beneficial for you and for your co-op coach. This meeting is NOT intended to ‘test’ you, or make it harder for you to pass your co-op.

What will the meeting be about?

You can expect to touch on the following topics during your meeting with your co-op coach:

  • Key points from your evaluation (successes, challenges, etc.)
  • Your supervisor’s review of your work
  • Your feedback about the experience overall
  • How well the SE curriculum prepared you for your co-op
  • Future co-op and career plans

How long is the meeting?

Your meeting is expected to run between 15-30 minutes.

I won’t be on campus the semester following my co-op. What should I do?

If you won’t be on campus during the term following your co-op (for example, if you're taking a Leave of Absence, or returning home for the summer), you should contact the SE Office to make other arrangements.

What if I'm on a double-block?
If you are on a double-block, you only need to meet with your co-op coach one time – after you return to campus following your final block.

If all evaluations are submitted on time, you will receive an S for the first block.

My online evaluations have not been submitted. Should I still schedule an appointment?

No, you should not plan to meet with your co-op coach until both the student and the employer evaluations have been submitted online.