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Registering Your Co-op

Co-op Enrollment

For notes on co-op approval, see the section below.

To enroll your co-op: 

Report the position to Co-op & Career Services:


Students should also notify:

  • Financial Aid: Report the co-op block through eServices: Log-in and click Financial Aid & Scholarships > Change of Enrollment
  • Housing: If applicable, contact Housing Operations to adjust your contract,


Co-op Prerequisites
Be sure you complete the following prerequisites before registering for co-op:

  • SWEN-262 (Engineering of Software Subsystems)
  • COMM-253 (Professional Communications)
  • Attendance at a Co-op Orientation Session


Enrollment notes:

  • You may take maximum one course while on co-op. If you are enrolled in classes for the term, email You will need to include if you would like to be dropped from all classes or if you want to stay in one course while you are on co-op.
  • Co-op is registered on your schedule as a 0 credit class. While on co-op, you are considered a full-time student. However, during co-op, students are not eligible to receive financial aid, including private alternative loans. Contact your Financial Aid counselor with any questions.
  • Report your co-op within one week of accepting a position. If you do not register your co-op promptly, you are putting your health insurance, financial aid and student loans at risk.
  • Full-time students must complete a minimum of 3 co-op blocks (2 semesters and one summer). Additional co-op blocks are permitted, with advisor approval, up to a maximum of 6 blocks total.


Co-op Approval
If you found your co-op using Handshake:

  • Positions found through RIT’s Handshake and labeled for Software Engineers are typically pre-approved. However, you should use your judgment; if a position does not look appropriate, contact the SE coordinator in the Co-op & Career Services Office, Stephanie Ryan, at


If you found your co-op using a method other than Handshake:

  • Before accepting your offer, you should review the position with Stephanie Ryan.
  • Provide Stephanie the following information:
    • Company name
    • Company address
    • Point of contact, including phone & email
    • Description of the duties of the position
    • Required qualifications for the position
    • Technologies with which you will work