Collaborative Environment for Engineering Design

Team Name: 
Team Members: 
Chris Booth
Kevin Borgnis
Jonathan Hatalla
Faculty Coach: 
Stephanie Ludi
Technical Report: 

The goal of the project is to integrate the FACETs development methodology into the Engineering Design Guide and Environment (EDGE) framework.

The FACETs development methodology, also known as the Hensel twelve facet process, involves techniques and processes which facilitate the development of products at a more rapid and efficient rate. Each of the twelve facets contain their own independent tools and techniques, however they rely on other facets for both input and the processing of that facet's output. The FACETs system will be incorporated into the existing EDGE platform, which is currently in use by hundreds of students annually. EDGE is an “asset to all of the participants in the program, including faculty, students, sponsors, and interested third-parties.”

Working with our sponsor, Dr. Edward Hensel, we are designing a set of tools which will provide a universal environment for rapid product development. These tools will allow users to better manage and complete necessary tasks which are paramount to the design, development and construction of a product. The audience for this system is currently students and is desired to be extended to engineering firms in the global market.

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