Create Photo Products in a Facebook Application

Team Name: 
Team Members: 
Kevin Kuchta
Chris Tosswill
Matt Olenik
Bernard Stern
Peter Bergeron
Faculty Coach: 
Kenn Martinez
Technical Report: 
The goal of this project is to provide a solution that enables the creation of photo collages from a set of source images and a Facebook application that integrates this solution with the photo content in a user's profile. The source images for the collage will come from photos that either the user or their friends have uploaded to Facebook. Users will be allowed to select which images are added to the collage, as well as modify their layout in order to create something unique and personalized. In addition to users selecting images individually, there will be functionality in place to automatically select images for the user based on image metadata or, potentially, using image processing algorithms to allow for features such as facial detection. Users will be able to save their collage to an image file, as well as share it with their friends using the Facebook news feed. This will help the application spread virally through the Facebook community. As a stretch goal, users will be able to create a photo-book that will combine several of their collages into a series of pages with a common theme. The solution which generates the collages will be separated from the Facebook application so that this functionality can be reused in future Kodak software projects. In addition, this solution will support tie-ins for Kodak's fulfillment services.
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