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Primavera Agile Workbench

Primavera Agile Workbench

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Kevin Brusstar
Tyler Donahue
Joel Harmon
Jeremy Ryan

Primavera Systems

Faculty Coach
Tom Reichlmayr

Our project is to design and develop the Individual Contributor Module for Primavera Agile Workbench. This module will be used by individual developers to manage releases and sprints. It will allow team members to record and estimate times for implementing tasks in the product backlog. Our initial scope for the project, as defined by the project sponsor, will allow for a single product and a single team. The module will be implemented as a web-based tool integrating with a back end database using J2EE. Technical constraints are few, simply that JEE with JPA will be used, it will support multiple browsers, and testing will be required. We will be choosing technologies for the various layers as our research continues. Our sponsor has also requested that we collect metrics and build using continuous integration. We will be using the Scrum methodology for developing this system, as requested by the project sponsor. As features are added to the system, we intend to use it to manage our own project development.