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Senior Project Sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions for Senior Project Sponsors

Is your organization interested in sponsoring a Senior Project? Browse the FAQ's below for more information.

  • What is Senior Project?
  • How will my organization benefit from sponsoring a Senior Project?
  • What is the size, scope and duration of these projects?
  • Who works on the project?
  • What process is followed over the course of the project?
  • What are my responsibilities and commitments as a sponsor?
  • What are the minimum deliverables required by the software engineering program?
  • How do I propose a Senior Project?
  • How are proposals reviewed?
  • How are students assigned to projects?
  • How are intellectual property and proprietary information handled?
  • Can I propose a project which requires multi-disciplinary skills?
  • When should I submit a proposal?
  • What organizations have sponsored a Senior Projects in the past?
  • Can I see examples of past projects?
  • I have other questions or want to submit a proposal. Who should I contact?