Yasmine El-Glaly, Ph.D.

Yasmine El-Glaly, Ph.D.


Research Interests

  • Human computer interaction
  • Assistive technology
  • Intelligent user interfaces
  • Mobile computing

Recent Publications

• F. Quek,Y. El-Glaly, and F. Oliveira. Assistive Technology in Education. Springer, (2015), pp. 1-8
• El-Glaly, Y. N., Quek, F. Digital Reading Support for The Blind by Multimodal Interaction. In Proceedings of the 16th International conference on Multimodal Interaction (2014), ACM. *Best Paper Award*
• Quek, F., El-Glaly, Y. N., Oliveira F. Supporting Learning For Individuals With Visual Impairment. In Proceedings of the IEEE Multimedia and Expo Workshops (ICMEW), 2013 IEEE International Conference (2013), pp. 1-6
• El-Glaly, Y. N., Quek, F., Smith-Jackson, T., and Dhillon, G. Touch-Screens are Not Tangible: Fusing Tangible Interaction with Touch Glass in Readers for the Blind. In Proceedings of the 7th International conference on Tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction (2013), ACM, pp 245-253
• El-Glaly, Y. N., Quek, F., Smith-Jackson, T., and Dhillon, G. Audible rendering of text documents controlled by multi-touch interaction. In Proceedings of the 14th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (2012), ACM, pp. 401- 408
• Dhillon, G. S., El-Glaly, Y. N., Holbach, W. H., Smith-Jackson, T. L., and Quek, F. Use of participatory design to enhance accessibility of slate-type devices. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting (2012), vol. 56, SAGE Publications, pp. 1952 -1956
• El-Glaly, Y. N. Enabling spatial reading using multimodal system for individuals with blindness. SIGACCESS Access. Comput., 105 (Jan. 2013), pp. 15 -18
• El-Glaly, Y. N., Quek, F., Smith-Jackson, T., and Dhillon, G. It is not a talking book; it is more like really reading a book! In Proceedings of the 14th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (2012) ACM, pp. 277 - 278
• El-Glaly, Y. N., F. Quek, Tonya Smith-Jackson, and Gurjot Dhillon. Spatial Tactile Audio Reader System For People With Blindness or Severe Visual Impairment. Grace Hopper Conference, 2012
• El-Glaly, Y. N., Francis Quek, Tonya Smith-Jackson, Haptic Reading System for The Blind. Interdisciplinary Research Symposium at Virginia Tech, 2011
• Y. El Glaly, E. Atta, T.M. Nazmy, B. Desouky, Development of Combined Structure and Texture Inpainting Method, International Conf. on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems, ICICIS 2007
• Y. El Glaly, E. Atta , T.M. Nazmy, B. Desouky, Digital Inpainting for Cultural Heritage Preservation, International Conf. on Computer Theory and Application, ICCTA 2006