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Approved Electives

Students can refer to the list below for grad elective courses that are pre-approved. Other courses can be suggested by consulting with the Graduate Director.

Note that the student needs to meet any prerequisites for a course or the student may need to contact the instructor for permission to enroll.

Students may be able to register themselves, but some courses are restricted and so departmental assistance may be needed.

Note that during the Fall term, it is difficult to enroll in some Computer Science courses. In any case, have at least 3 electives in mind when you contact or meet with the Graduate Director.

BS/MS students: Courses in the CS and CE disciplines are pre-approved to double-count as your undergraduate Engineering Electives. Other courses may double-count as Free Elective, or Application Domain with advisor approval.

The approved course list

Computer Science

  • CSCI( 603)-Adv C++ and Program Design
  • CSCI( 605)-Advanced Java Programming
  • CSCI( 610)-Found of Computer Graphics
  • CSCI( 620)-Introduction to Big Data
  • CSCI( 621)-Database System Implementation
  • CSCI( 622)-Secure Data Management
  • CSCI( 630)-Found of Intelligent Systems
  • CSCI( 641)-Advanced Programming Skills(Aspect-Oriented Program)
  • CSCI( 641)-Advanced Programming Skills(Designpatterns&C#/.Net)
  • CSCI( 641)-Advanced Programming Skills(Advanced C++)
  • CSCI( 642)-Secure Coding
  • CSCI( 651)-Found of Computer Networks
  • CSCI( 652)-Distributed Systems
  • CSCI( 654)-Found of Parallel Computing
  • CSCI( 662)-Foundations of Cryptography
  • CSCI( 665)-Foundations of Algorithms
  • CSCI( 713)-Applied Perception in Graphics
  • CSCI( 715)-Apps in Virtual Reality
  • CSCI( 720)-Big Data Analytics
  • CSCI( 729)-Topics in Data Management(Advanced Data Mining)
  • CSCI( 735)-Found of Intell Security Sys
  • CSCI( 746)-Software Development Tools
  • CSCI( 749)-Topics in Languages and Tools(Scripting Languages)

Computer Security

  • CSEC( 603)-Enterprise Security
  • CSEC( 742)-Computer System Security

Computer Engineering

  • CMPE( 663)-Real-time & Embedded Systems
  • CMPE( 664)-Modeling of Real-Time Systems

Human-Computer Interaction

  • HCIN( 610) Found Human-Comp Interaction
  • HCIN( 735) Collaboration, Technology, and the Human Experience
  • HCIN( 620)-Info & Interaction Design
  • HCIN( 630)-Usability Testing
  • HCIN( 730)-User-Centered Design Methods

Information Sciences and Technology

  • ISTE( 608)-DB Design & Implementation
  • ISTE( 645)-Found Web Technologies I
  • ISTE( 646)-Found Web Technologies II
  • ISTE( 722)-Database Connect & Access
  • ISTE( 726)-Database Management and Access
  • ISTE( 728)-Database Performance & Tuning
  • ISTE( 756)-Server Design and Development
  • ISTE( 760)-Des, Dev, and Deploy Apps
  • ISTE( 773)-XML Transform & Present


  • MGMT( 720)-Entrprnshp&NewVentureCreation
  • MGMT( 735)-Mgmnt.ofInnovtn inPrdcts&Svcs
  • MGMT( 740)-Orgnztnl Behavior & Leadership
  • MGMT( 742)-Technology Management

Software Engineering

  • Any graduate Special Topics course (these are not always offered)