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Graduating Student Information

Are you an undergraduate student who is graduating soon? Below is information regarding Senior Project and Commencement.

Each Senior Project group has its own page. Each email sent from the SE Main Office regarding Commencement has it's own accordion page. 

2171-2175 Senior Project Dates
Expectations Meeting8/29SIH-1600
Interim Presentations





Carlson Aud.


How to Make a Poster3/6CIMS-2210/2220
SE Project DayTBDTBD
Final PresentationsTBDTBD
Senior Project CelebrationTBDTBD


2175-2178 Senior Project Dates
Expections Meeting1/17GOL-1650
Interim Presentations4/25CAR-1230
How to Make a PosterTBDTBD
SE Project DayTBDTBD
Final PresentationsTBDTBD
Senior Project CelebrationsTBDTBD


Commencement Email #1

According to our records, you are eligible to participate in the 2018 Commencement Ceremony. Below is information pertinent to Commencement. You will be receiving periodic information from me regarding Commencement through the rest of the semester, please open and read all of these emails.

Action items:

  • Attend the Graduation Fair on January 31st 11am-2pm in the Fireside Lounge (in the SAU) – this marks the 100 day count down until graduation, all sorts of information and vendor booths will be available
  • Visit  – This is where you and your family can find important information regarding your regalia, our reception, and where you need to be and when
  • Apply for graduation or check to make sure your information is correct in SIS – This will ensure you have your name in the Commencement Book, you receive a diploma, and that your academic advisor knows you are planning on graduating
    • Login to SIS (
    • Choose “Apply for Graduation” from the dropdown
    • Follow the prompts to apply for Spring 2017-2018
  • Have SE friends who are also graduating? Ask them if they got this email


If you believe you received this email in error:

  • Already participated in a commencement ceremony? Reply to this email and let me know. I’ll remove you from our list
  • Not planning on participating? Let me know that, too (you’ll still get your diploma mailed to you)




Sr Project Email: Things coming up before spring break; SE Project Day; Final presentations

I am going to highlight a number of things in this message. Please read through all of it.

  • I finally put together a Project Timeline for the 14-week terms. You can use this for your planning for the remainder of senior project.
  • The How to Make a Poster session will be on Tuesday, 6 March, at 5pm in SLA 2220/10. This is a required all-hands meeting. The presentation will last 35 - 40 minutes. If you meet your project sponsor on Tuesday's, you will need to delay the start of your meeting that day. Your poster files will be due by 4:30pm on Monday, 2 April. More information will follow with submission instructions.
  • Your poster presentation to the faculty and SE Industrial Advisory Board members will be on Thursday, 12 April from 6:30 - 8:30pm. At least two team members will need to be present throughout that period to talk about your project and answer questions. It does not need to be the same team members for the whole two hours. You can break it up into shifts.
  • Next week, your coach should put up mid-term peer evaluations for you to complete. You will do a mid-term project review the following week.
  • Shortly, we will decide on the schedule for final presentations which will be during the last two weeks of the term (16 April and 23 April). Once the schedule days are set, requests for times will work the same as for the interim presentations. Our goal will be to have presentations scheduled before spring break or at the latest the week right after break.