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Incoming Student Info

Welcome! We are looking forward to having you join the department of Software Engineering here at RIT. Fall semester will be here before you know it, and believe it or not, we are already beginning to plan your schedule. In order to enroll you in fall courses, please help us by answering a freshman questionnaire in early June, preferably by Friday, June 15th. Make sure you have 15-30 minutes set aside to complete the questionnaire. Before taking the questionnaire, please review what information we will need from you!

    If you have any questions or have problems with the questionnaire, please email our advising team or call us at 585-475-5461.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Orientation week is coming fast!   You have started to pack and you've reviewed your schedule in SIS or Tiger Center.  Let's see if we can help address your questions before you arrive on campus.



      How do I find out which textbooks are required?


      You'll be able to see which textbooks are required once you have a fall schedule. To see the textbook for each course, log in to view your schedule on Tigercenter, If you scroll below the schedule, there is a button to 'View Textbooks.


      Textbooks can be purchased through RIT's Barnes & Noble location, or through any site. We recommend keeping your receipt, in case there are unexpected changes to your schedule or book requirements.


      What type of computer do I need to bring with me to campus?

      We do not have any specific requirements as far as the computer our students use.  Any newer computer will have the power/memory needed for the coursework.  Our current students have a wide range of different computer set-ups (laptop vs. desktop, Mac vs. Windows, different operating systems, etc), so it really comes down to personal preference.    If students need specific software for a course, the instructor will let students know how to access it.

      Information We Need From You

      It is important that we know information about:

      • All incoming transfer credit / AP credit
        • This includes any courses taken at local colleges, AP exams, IB exams, or CLEP scores
      • Your preferences about general education courses
        • You'll be offered a list of possible topics of elective courses. Your preferences will help us build a schedule so it's important to accurately rank your interests.
      • Any scheduling restrictions you may currently have
        • This can include participation in varsity-level sports, known work schedules, participation in ROTC, or other committments

      We will try our best to honor your preferences for courses, but seating is limited. In order to have the best advantage possible, please complete the questionnaire by Friday, June 15th​ so that we have enough time to assemble your schedule.

      Placement in Mathematics Course 

      Your mathematics course will be an important component of your fall schedule. Regardless of AP or transfer credit, all SE students must take the Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE).

      Welcome from the Chair

      The Software Engineering Department Chair, Dr. Naveen Sharma, welcomes you to the department.

      Programming Experience

      Looking for more experience? There are plenty of online tutorials you can try… these are just two examples:

      • Khan Academy has plenty of video tutorials in bite-sized chunks
      • Udacity offers free, online, self-paced courses, such as this intro to Computer Science
      • Code Zero, which you'll receive an email about, will also offer you an opportunity to learn more about programming
      Typical Freshmen Fall Semester Schedule

      As you adjust to your new home at RIT, you will have a well-balanced variety of courses in your first semester, typically ranging 14-17 credits. Expect the following in your schedule:

      • YearOne, a program for freshman
      • Software Engineering Seminar
      • Computer Science
      • Calculus
      • General Education courses

      You can anticipate receiving a schedule in early August. If there are any adjustments to be made to your schedule, we will be happy to discuss them at our advising session during New Student Orientation.