A Flight Simulator for Pilot Training: Flying Tiger Phase I

Team Name: 
Foxtrot Tango
Team Members: 
Corey Engelman
Mark Kerbel
Conlan Wesson
Brett Snare
Geoff Carlson
Faculty Coach: 
Tom Reichlmayr
Technical Report: 

Moog Inc. is a corporation that designs and manufactures fluid control systems for various industries worldwide. The aviation branch of East Aurora, NY will be sponsoring a multi-disciplinary senior project at RIT in which students will be developing a flight simulator. The simulator will be used for customer demonstrations to help sell Moog systems. Our software engineering team will be responsible for the visual content displayed in the flight simulator. Our system will receive information from a system called the dSPACE controller and will generate visual feedback in the form of a virtual cockpit window and instrument display. The dSPACE controller will be developed by Moog and acts as a faÌ_ade between the hardware inputs and our software package. The graphical output will be rendered using flight simulation software that is already available. The instrumentation display will be created based off of the actual physical instruments found in the aircraft being converted in to a flight simulator.

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