New and Effective Pre-Hospital Care Medical Record Mobile Application

Team Name: 
Out Cold
Team Members: 
Justin Bassett
Dorrene Brown
Greg Knox
Daniel Smith
Kyle Stork
Faculty Coach: 
John Loser

The GVRNSP URMC Pre-Hospital Care Medical Records Mobile App (MRMA) is designed to generate medical documentation when providing pre-hospital care to people engaged in outdoor activities. The project is sponsored by the Genesee Valley Region/Swain/Hunt Hollow Ski Patrol. The team, Out Cold, is made up of five RIT Software Engineering seniors who will be working on the project during the Winter and Spring quarters. Professor John Loser will be coaching the project. MRMA aims to streamline the process of gathering, interpreting and recording medical information for use by interested stakeholders - ski patrols, EMTs, care centers, insurance and regulatory agencies, and the patients themselves. The current analog process is slow and unwieldy, leading to slowdowns in the continuity of care. To remedy this, the application will use guided discovery to deliver all required documentation to the user. This will reduce the amount of duplicate work and improve patient turnover. Primarily, MRMA will emphasize usability and security. In order to be effectively used, the application must provide a user experience such that users will prefer it over existing manual processes. Emphasizing usability will also allow a lower barrier to entry, broadening the use and appeal of the product. Security is very important to the system due to the extensive regulations regarding sensitive medical and personal information. The MRMA will first be deployed for use in the Hunt Hollow / Swain Ski Patrol, and may eventually move on to regional or national use.

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