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About Abstract Designs
Abstract Designs is a Software Engineering group at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  We are currently working on a software project for the ITX Corp.  You can find information about them here.  The project we are working on is a Peer-To-Peer document editing system where multiple people can edit a single document at the same time in real-time.  More information about the project can be found below.
P2P Document Editing Tool
The Peer To Peer Document Editing Tool is a network tool based on the concept of server-less network systems.  Therefore, there are is no centralized server and no one person or organization controls the document or the tool.  The following is a short list of features which it will support:
  • Standard text editing.
  • Images and graphs can be inserted into the document.
  • Automatic synchronization between all of the clients.
  • Close to real-time update of document.  - Watch as others type!
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