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61 Select tool should stay after using After using a selected tool from the relationship toolbox, the tool should stay as the selected tool so many relationships can be created. Otherwise creating numerous relationships would be annoying. Another tool may have to be added so the user can then go back to the default tool. Garrett 4/17: Probably not going to happen.
64 Options dialog alignment The interfaces section of the options dialog needs some minor re-alignment of it's fields. The text area needs to be right aligned with the text fields above it, which will then force the add and remove buttons to be moved as well. Garrett 4/17: They are aligned. The label font just makes it look like they're not. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue.
68 Attribute sheet not scrolled to top In the editor dialog, sometime when it appears the attribute sheet in the dialog is not scrolled to the top. Garrett 4/17: Fixed. First attribute is always selected.
69 OK button not labeled like others The OK button in the instantiation dialog is not labeled like all the other OK buttons in the project. It should be changed from "Ok" to "OK". Ben 4/16: The new instance form for application and device instances has been changed from Ok to OK