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47 Right-clicking instantiations Right clicking on an instantiation of a Non-SCA Component will crash the program. Ben 4/9: The BaseSCADrawableComponent was assuming that the component was an SCAComponent, we no longer assume this situation. Jason 4/22: Fix verified.
48 Saving project creates error When saving a project an error is generated as follows: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This only happens when an instantiation of a Non-SCA Component exists in the system and may be related to Issue #47. Ben 4/9: This was kinda related to issue 47, the BaseSCAComponentDrawableComponent was assuming that the component was not null. Jason 5/11/03: Fix verified.
49 Editor dialog needs shortcuts There should be a way to use key shortcuts with this dialog. This will allow the user to add multiple items with more ease. Garrett 4/17: Designer can add items by pressing Ctrl-A and remove items by pressing Ctrl-D. Jason 5/11: Item fails retest. Using Ctrl-A works correctly, but using Ctrl-D does not work. I suggest using Ctrl-R and underlining the appropriate letter in the "Add" and "Remove" buttons. Garrett 5/14: Ctrl-D does work, make sure the list box has focus rather than the attribute sheet. There probably won't be underlines.
50 Tab ordering on editor dialog The tab ordering on the editor dialog does not seem intuitive. Everything seems in order with the exception of Cancel and OK, the order should go from OK to the Cancel button. Garrett 4/17: Fixed. Jason 5/11: Fix verified.
51 Adding items in editor dialog When adding an item to the editor dialog, focus should be sent to the attribute area of the dialog so the user may begin entering information about the item they just added. Garrett 4/17: Fixed. Jason 5/11: Fix verified.
58 Component implementation dependencies Adding a dependency to an implementation of a component does not load an attribute sheet, nor does it look to serve any purpose. Ben 4/16: I think Jason Gilman said he would take work on this at today's meeting so I am assigning it to him. Assign it back to me if I am wrong. Jason Gilman 4/19: There is now dialogs available to setup the implementation dependencies.
60 Can't add struct sequences An exception is thrown when trying to add a struct sequence to a property component. This is the error message: An unhandled exception has occurred ... "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Ben 4/18: You can now add struct sequences but you cannot set the simple refs on it yet, I am going to pass that down to Gilman.
67 Component descriptor missing attribute There is a missing attribute in the Component Descriptor section for the components. It's the Implements Interface attribute. Jason Gilman 4/21: I beleive this is refering to the supports interface. This has now been added to the attribute sheet.