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55 Generated XML Directory is wrong On components that can generate XML you can specify a subdirectory off the project directory to place the XML documents and then things that link to those should be relative. For example a CFDevice has a link to a properties object. If the device is in directory 'components' and the properties is in a directory called 'props'. The link in the device.spd.xml file should be '../props/properties.prf.xml'. There are several situations that can happen here a -files are in same directory -one of the files is in an above directory(vice versa, which makes a big difference in how the link is generated) -files are in same starting directories but change after a directory , for example /devices/radios/components and /devices/radios/props. There are probably a few other situations that I can think about. I am reasonable sure these should work but I found a bug in it the other day and want to make sure that none slip by.
57 XML generation when ports exist XML generation for any component that has ports does not work correctly. A windows exception is thrown when this action is attempted. The error message states an unhandled exception has occurred ... "Key cannot be null" ... "Parameter name: key." Ben 4/16: This occured when a port was created with no interface, which will not be allowed once generation occurs. For now I check to see if an interface has been assigned to the port and if not then I simply ignore it. Jason 5/11: Fix verified.
59 Generation with property relationship Generating XML for a component that has a relationship to a property component throws an exception. The exception is as follows: An unhandled exception has occurred ... "Invalid state in dependency" Ben 4/16: I could not reproduce this bug. It may have been fixed by another fix in the meantime. I created components on the Platform and Application View with associations to a properties file and could not get it to throw an error.