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Id # Title Description
46 Selecting properties relationship Double clicking on the properties type relationship will crash the program. Garrett 4/15: Fixed, properties relationship added. Jason 4/22: Fix verified.
56 Adding new port After creating two instantiations and connecting ports, when another port is added to the actual component, the relationship lines are incorrect when going back to the assembly view. Garrett 4/17: Fixed a while ago by Ben. Jason 4/22: I'm moving this back to Testing status because I did not verify the fix.
62 Adding a new relationship If the selected provides port is below the selected uses port, the drawn line is very complex. The line drawn will go out to the left, go down, back to the right, and then up to the uses port. Minor issue, but still should be looked into. Garrett 4/15: This probably won't be fixed. Algorithm for drawing lines has too many special cases already.
63 Relationship name cut off Adding a Find By relationship to a uses port will cut off the "Find by" label of the relationship. Garrett 4/22: Fixed.
71 Relationships between views Creating relationships between views needs some reworking. Chuck stated it could stand as it is now, but could be done better. Refer to minutes from 4-14-2003 for change suggestions. ben 4/26: It is pretty much staying the way it is for the rest of this project. Any change of this magnitude would require major changes.
72 Radio button not working The radio buttons in the find-by relationship dialog does not work correctly. It should switch when the different groups gain focus. Ben 4/25: Garrett fixed this.