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77 Deleting is quirky with zoom Deleting a component is not working entirely in the right way with zooming. I have gotten this issue to happen twice now. Add 10-15 components with some Property relationsips. Attempt to delete some components. Sometimes a relationship is left hanging in midair, and sometimes the component is grabbed by the cursor until a mouse button is clicked. ben 5/13: I think I found the bug for this, the mouse event handlers were not being deregistered so a component was still on the screen even though you could not see it.
78 Changing component ports When an instantiation is made, and the parent component definition is changed, the changes do not percilate down to the instantiations. Jason 4/22: Changing this to monitor, because I only got it to happen once. Ben 5/13: Tried this several times and could not reproduce it.
81 Deleting does not remove instantiations If a component defined in either the PCV or the ACV has instantiations, the instantiations are not removed when the component definition is removed. Ben 4/26: This bug was introduced when we switched the drawable components from controls to regular java classes.
83 ResourceFactory component A resource factory component is needed. Garrett 4/27: Added resource factory component.
90 Component Selection Problem To reproduce: - Have some components on the platform component view - Change to the application component view, add a component, then delete that component - Change back to the platform component view Observe null pointer exception. Not sure why it happens. Garrett 5/5: Fixed.
100 Deleting Issues There appears to be further problems with deleting. To reproduce: create a component that won't pass validation, validate it so errors appear in the task list; then delete the component. Notice you can click the errors, which select the component as if it still existed. There also seems to be some bugs with deleting if you load a project and then start a new project. Create a component with errors and try to validate it, sometimes it passes validation the first time and then fails on a second try. Sometimes it also takes multiple tries to delete it. Ben 5/13: Opening a new project left phantom references to the drawable components. New views are now created to solve this problem.