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Id # Title Description
84 XML Output Directory can't be edited Editing the output directory for XML somehow got broken; pushing the '...' button no longer brings up the directory chooser dialog. By the way, this is in the SE Labs, havn't tried it lately at home. Ben 5/13: Could not reproduce this bug, might be a security issue in the SE labs
87 Deleting button not working Highlighting text in the attribute sheet and hitting the delete button does not delete the text.
91 Default port type Have the 'control' port type checked by default in the port type drop down editor. Ben 5/13: control is now preselected
92 Property kinds display Have the property kinds field display the selected kind property, rather than '(Collection)'. Garrett 4/13: Fixed.
93 UsesDevice The 'id' field in uses device is no longer required to be a DCE UUID, leave it blank by default. Also, display 'id' first, above 'type'. Additionally, when selecting a UsesDevice for a Device Used By Relationship, display the 'id' field in the drop down. Ben 5/13: done!
94 Dropdown can not be "unselected" For a component instantiation on the Platform Assembly View once a "Deployed On Device" and "Composite Part of Device" are selected there is no way to go back to having those fields empty.