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Id # Title Description
79 Relationships & Zooming Creating relationships when zooming has been activated creates really off-the-wall lines. Putting as low/medium because of intricate workings of the lines. Garrett 4/23: Can't reproduce; port connection drawing was kind of broken, but wasn't related to zooming. May be fixed in next build.
80 Selecting relationships with zooming It is difficult and sometimes impossible to select a relationship so it may be modified or deleted. This has to particularly do with Find-by and Device-Used-By relationships. Garrett 4/23: Fixed. Find By and Device Used By did not take zoom factor into account.
82 Lines don't line up with port If the first segment of the relationship's line is lined up with the port, the relationship line is drawn one pixel above the port. Ben 4/25: The port positions now fall on a 10 pixel boundary which is the size of the grid.
95 Uses Device Relationship does not show correct ports When there are two uses devices setup (one in the platform and one in the application) and no property references are setup with them the ports show in the dropdown for the relationship in the applicaion assembly view are incorrect. The ports that are show are the ports for the platform component. (Ask me for a project that shows this behavior -Jason G)
110 Multiple Device Used By Relationships Some ports of multiple Device Used By( and I assume may have multiple findbys), and it is only possible to select the top one. It would be nice to be somehow select the second one, maybe scroll through the ones at that location, such that if you click once you select one relationship and if you click again you get a second relationship. Garrett 5/17: Added SelectRelationshipDialog.