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Id # Title Description
5 Browse button opens browse window every time On the project attributes dialog, clicking the browse button opens a new browse dialog every time it is clicked. Garrett 3/21: Fixed, only one dialog at a time. Jason 4/8: Fix verified. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue.
7 Taskbar item exists for new project dialog There should be no taskbar item for the new project dialog. Garrett 3/21: Fixed. Jason 4/9: Fix verified. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue.
10 Toolbar seperation should exist There needs to be some sort of seperation of the toolbar from the views. A way around this would be to make the attribute section go all the way up to the menu bar. Garrett 3/24: This doesn't look good. probably won't be changed from how it is. Jason 4/9: Garrett decided against this. Leaving open until the end of project unless it does get put in. Jason 4/22: I'm pushing this back to Garrett because he mentioned something about a frame being added to the view, which would create the seperation desired. Garrett 4/22: Frame added around view. Jason 5/11/03: Fixed.
24 Adding components Adding components needs reworking. There should be some sort of ability to click and drag the component into the grid area. Garrett 3/22: Added drag-and-drop to toolbox. Jason 4/9: Visual indication has been added after the component is double-clicked (the cursor changes). Drag-and-drop is working correctly. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue.
25 Title of program There is an extra hyphen at the end of the name of the program. Garrett 3/19: This is caused by creating a project with no name. Now when an unnamed project is created, the title bar will read : "JTRS Visual Modeling Studio - Unnamed Project" Jason 4/9: Fix verified. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue.
32 Help Help needs to be implemented. Jason 4/9: This is currently being worked on. I'm going to close this issue and open a new one in Phase 3 in the documentation folder.
35 Tab ordering not intuitive In the views, using the Tab key does not flow through all of the controls. It never reaches the menu, nor the toolbar. Garrett 3/21: Need clarification. Menubar should never receive focus from tabbing. Controls themselves have tab order in which they were added. Jason 4/9: Tabs don't really work at all. Click "Alt" to go to Menu, hitting tab does not scroll though menu item (low priority). Can't tab through components on the current view (medium priority). Right controls, tabs go from attribute sheet tabs, to attribute sheet, to sorting order control, to tool box tabs, to toolbox controls. This seems backwards to me. Garrett 4/17: Probably won't be fixed.
42 Component colors not using preferences All components should use colors specified in options dialog. Ben 4/3: All the components should now use the colors from the properties file. Jason 4/9: Fix verified Jason 4/22: Closing this issue
45 Component Selection If there is one component in the view and it is selected, if an operation is performed that clears the attribute sheet (such as changing the view); the attribute sheet for that component cannot be retrieved except by adding another component and re-selecting it. (In other words, bring up the attribute sheet when a component is clicked, even if it's already selected.) Ben 4/9: Well I don't always bring up the attribute sheet because it takes too damn long, but I clear it when appropriate which should be good enough. I think all situations are handled correctly but maybe not. Jason 4/22: Fix verified.