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13 Truncation needs indication The drawable components do not have enough space for items with long names. When the names are truncated, they are cut off. There needs to be some indication to the user that the name has been truncated. Ben 4/16: The component titles and port descriptions are now show ... when they are truncated. Jason 4/22: Fix verified
18 Edit Dialog titling The editing dialog should have a contextual title to reflect the users actions. Garrett 4/17: Now shows category and name of property being edited in ComplexXMLEditor and StringArrayEditor. Jason 4/22: Fix verified.
19 Collection editor doesn't work The String Collection Editor does not work at all. Jason Gilman 3/24: Now using custom string collection editor created by Garrett. Jason 4/9: Fix verified. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue.
20 Path attribute can accept any value Any path may be entered into the path attribute. This could either be done at the dialog level or through the validation service. Garrett 4/17: Fixed. Jason 4/22: Fix verified.
21 Project does not need attributes A project can be started without entering in any attributes. Not too important to fix up front because upon saving the user can enter in path information at that time. Garrett 4/17: As designed. Jason 4/22: Closed this issue.
22 Changing views needs visualization Changing the views only has one visual queue, population of the component area. There should be something in the grid area which indicates the change as well. Garrett 3/25: Fixed, maybe. Added information label to toolbox that displays which view is currently selected. Jason 4/9: The changes have been made, but it will have to be a team decision (or feedback from Chuck) weather this is enough indication to the user. This issue is being left open for now. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue because Chuck did not complain during extensive walkthrough.
23 View menu not user-friendly There has to be a different way to represent the View Menu. All possible views should be listed or some other rendition that does not use submenus, which are fairly unfriendly when there are only four possibilities. Garrett 4/17: Probably will stay the way it is until Chuck complains or someone gives me a suggestion. :-) Jason 4/22: Closing issue because Chuck did not complain during extensive walkthrough.
30 Components do not refresh When removing/adding ports and other items from a component, the drawable component does not refresh properly in the grid area. Garrett 3/19: This has been fixed by refreshing the view after the editor dialog has been accepted. Jason 4/9: Fix verified. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue.
31 Range not always valid The Range attribute is not always valid. If the type is changed to boolean, then there is no need for a max/min value. Ben 5/13: This is not really possible with the current attribute sheet. Maybe next year's seniors can fix it.
33 New project not working Creating a new project does not work correctly. Here are the steps to repeat: - Add components to current project - Select "File" -> "New" -> "Project" The new project attribute dialog appears Components previously created do not disappear. Garrett 3/21: Fixed. Jason 4/9: Fix verified. Jason 4/22: Closing this issue.