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Id # Identifier Summary
205 Rule1 Duplicate properties with same ID are ignored.
213 Rule10 DPD.devicepkg.version has a specific format.
214 Rule11 DPD.devicepkg.hwdeviceregistration.version has a specific format.
215 Rule12 DPD.devicepkg.hwdeviceregistration.deviceclass.class is one from a set of accepted values.
216 Rule13 is a DCE UUID for an allocation property or a valid XML ID for other properties.
217 Rule14 The type of must match the attribute specified.
218 Rule15*.range is not valid when*.type is "string" or "objref".
220 Rule16 When*.kind is "test" then*.type must be a ulong. (not applicable on struct and structsequence)
221 Rule17*.kind can only have the value of "execparam" for simples. (not applicable on struct and structsequence)
222 Rule18 softwarecomponent.interfaces.interface.repid is a unique repository id in the formats specified by the CORBA specification. (i.e. IDL:CF/Device:2.2)
223 Rule19 is a DCE UUID.
168 Rule2 Duplicate properities must be of the same type.
224 Rule20 is a unique name within the SAD. User-friendly, not a DCE UUID.
225 Rule21 is a DCE UUID
226 Rule22 softwareassembly.partitioning.componentplacement.componentinstantiation.usagename is a unique friendly name (not a DCE UUID)
227 Rule23 and if present must each be unique within the SAD.
228 Rule24 softwareassembly.assemblycontroller indicates the assembly controller. There must be one per SAD and it must be a CF Resource or extend CF Resource.
229 Rule25 This is a general rule: The attributeservice marks fields that are required, but it has a few flaws. It does not force those fields to be set nor does it handle elements in the xml where it specifies that 1 of 2 or 1 of 3 elements is required. (see pg42 of appendix D, there must be a providesport, componentsupportedinterface, or a findby element). There should be a validation rule that checks to see that required fields have been entered.
230 Rule26 must be unique to participate in deviceusedbythiscomponentref on pg D-45.
231 Rule27 softwareassembly.connections.connectinterface.providesport.findby is only used when the object reference is not a CF Resource type.
232 Rule28 If deviceconfiguration.partitioning is specified than the deviceconfiguration.componentfiles element must also be specified.
233 Rule29 is a DCE UUID
206 Rule3 Implementation properties are only used for configuration and creation.
234 Rule30 deviceconfiguration.devicemanagersoftpkg should be of type CF DeviceManager
235 Rule31 should be a unique user friendly name within the same DCD.
236 Rule32 is a DCE UUID.
237 Rule33 deviceconfiguration.partitioning.componentplacement.compositepartofdevice.componentinstatiation.usagename must be unique for each service type.
246 Rule34 softpkg.implementation.dependency.propertyref must reference an allocation property.
239 Rule35 softpkg.usesdevice.propertyref must reference an allocation property.
240 Rule36 For a softpkg.implementation at least one of the following elements is required to be present: os, processor, or dependency.
245 Rule37 For a softpkg.implementation.dependency one of the following elements is required to be present, but a dependency itself is not required: softpkgref or propertyref.
247 Rule38 A softwareassembly.partitioning.componentplacement.componentinstantiation.findcomponent must have one of two elements, but findcompent itself is not required: componentresourcefactoryref or namingservice.
248 Rule39 A softwareassembly.connections.connectioninterface must have one of three subelements: providesport, componentsupprtedinterface, or findby.
207 Rule4 must be a simple name or a relative path that ends with a simple name.
249 Rule40 A softwareassembly.connections.connectinterface.usesport must contain one of four elements: componentinstantiationref, devicethatloadedthiscomponentref, deviceusedbythiscomponentref, or findby.
250 Rule41 A findby element (as in softwareassembly.connections.connectinterface.findby or softwareassembly.connections.connnectinterface.X.findby, where X is usesport, providesport, or componentsupportedinterface) must have one of two element: namingservice or domainfinder.
251 Rule42 A softwareassembly.connections.connectinterface.providesport must have one of four elements: componentinstantiationref, devicethatloadedthiscomponentref, deviceusedbythiscomponentref, or findby.
252 Rule43 A softwareassembly.connections.connectinterface.componentsupportedinterface must have one of two elements: componentinstantiationref or findby.
253 Rule44 A softwareassembly.externalports.port must have one of three elements: usesidentifier, providesidentifier, or supportedidentifer.
208 Rule5 SPD.softpkg.descriptor.localfile points to SCD for SCA corba components (none for non-corba components).
209 Rule6 SPD.softpkg.implementation.code.stacksize and priority are unsigned longs
210 Rule7 SPD.softpkg.implementation.code.type is one of the following: Excutable KernelModule SharedLibrary Driver
211 Rule8 There is a set of accepted values.
212 Rule9 There is a set of accepted values.