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Test Cases
Id # Identifier Summary
14 TC-C1 Select a single component
15 TC-C2 Select multiple components
35 TC-C3 Add an SCA Component
36 TC-C4 Add multiple SCA Components
37 TC-C5 Add an invalid SCA Component
38 TC-C6 Add identical SCA Components
39 TC-C7 SCA Component attributes
40 TC-C8 Add a Non-SCA Component
41 TC-C9 Add multiple Non-SCA Components
42 TC-C10 Add an invalid Non-SCA Component
43 TC-C11 Add identical Non-SCA Components
44 TC-C12 Edit a components properties
45 TC-C13 Add a component in an inappropriate view
46 TC-C14 Edit an SCA Component?s attributes to make it invalid
47 TC-C15 Edit a Non-SCA Component?s properties to make it invalid
48 TC-C16 Non-SCA Component attributes
49 TC-C17 Delete a component
50 TC-C18 Create a dependency for a component
51 TC-C19 Create a component instantiation
52 TC-C20 Create multiple component instantiations
53 TC-C21 Create identical component instantiations