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ID 45
Title Component Selection
Description If there is one component in the view and it is selected, if an operation is performed that clears the attribute sheet (such as changing the view); the attribute sheet for that component cannot be retrieved except by adding another component and re-selecting it. (In other words, bring up the attribute sheet when a component is clicked, even if it's already selected.) Ben 4/9: Well I don't always bring up the attribute sheet because it takes too damn long, but I clear it when appropriate which should be good enough. I think all situations are handled correctly but maybe not. Jason 4/22: Fix verified.
Assigned To Jason Offord
Component 4 - Views
Status 8 - Passed Re-Test
Priority 3 - Medium
3-9-2003 8:31:1
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3-9-2003 18:57:50
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3-22-2003 21:56:29
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