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Adding Components to the View
Posted: 02/25/2003 16:49
By: Garrett Wampole
If you check out the latest code, you'll notice that the
three phony SCA components are gone.  You can add a
component by double clicking on the SCA Component item in
the toolbox and clicking on the form.

Looking at PrototypeView shows how this is done, it uses
delegates; if you have questions on how delegates work, that
would be a pretty good place to look.

Also, some issues:

I'm having an trouble changing the cursor.  I want to have
the mouse cursor change shape after you select to add an
component from the toolbox.  I have the cursor bitmap in the
resources directory and its build action is "Content", so
supposedly its in the binary somewhere, but I'm not clear on
how to reference it.  Anyone that knows how to do this gets
a dollar. =)

Secondly: need some input on how the toolbox should change
when you select a view.  You can see how I have it organized
now, but that'll have to change when you select an assembly
view to allow you to create an instantiation.  Do we show a
tab for that and gray it out when you're not in an assembly
view or what?

And hey, post your implementation issues here, good place to
store all the knowledge.