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File that fails to load in JVMS
Posted: 05/14/2003 08:08
By: clinn
Attached File: Test4pm.jvproj
Reference issue under project 5/14/03
Re: Project loading error
Posted: 05/14/2003 13:53
By: Garrett Wampole
I downloaded this project and loaded it up in the released
version of JVMS, and it appears to load ok.  I see an
AudioPortDevice and ModemDevice and a MainLogger.

We have had sporadic instances of weirdness with loading
projects (I say weirdness because we're not able to
reproduce it reliably), this will be our main focus before
we wrap things up.  To this end, I am going to push back the
final 1.0 release of JVMS from today to some time early next
week, Monday or Tuesday perhaps.

In the mean time, if you are able to reproduce this
exception at all, please post your steps