CellSurv Senior Project

Project Description

Audience participation provides an engaging opportunity to dynamically change the focus of a presentation to more effectively meet the presenter's goals, as well as gain valuable insight into the perspectives of those in attendance. In the past, verbal audience polls have been used to get audience feedback, a clumsy process for gathering more than rough estimates for anything more than yes /no questions.

U-MO and project CellSurv are expediting audience participation using mobile and web technologies to allow the presenter to acquire a lecture hall's worth of input in seconds, and all that's required of the audience is familiarity with their own cell phones. Lectors will be able to preplan a series of questions prior to presenting or add questions during the presentation, and all responses are collected for later reference.

Project CellSurv will provide presenters with the power to interact with and learn about everyone in attendance during the presentation, providing an enhanced view into the minds of the audience and a greater opportunity to meet its needs. The software will change the dynamic of presentations from a one-way push of information to an exchange of thoughts and ideas where all voices are heard.

Team Information

Jaclyn Pinnell: Team Coodinator/Leader
Andrew Storrow: Website Coordinator
Wes Paugh: Sponsor Communicator
Edward Louw: Meeting Scribe