Project Status

This week began with the team still having problems accessing the Oracle database and getting everyone’s development environment going. Working with ITS we were able to get a database set up that we could all access from our home machines, and we were able to begin major development efforts towards our Iteration 1 goals. However, given that the iteration was supposed to end at the end of this week, and we have spent the majority of our time looking through the old team’s code, configuring, and trying to access the Oracle server – we have decided to extend Iteration 1 by a week. Our plan is to have as much accomplished towards our original goals as possible by the end of this next week. Now that everything is running smoothly with the database, we feel we will meet most of our goals. We spent the greater majority of Friday working on the project and are ready to make the time commitments necessary to make this happen.

Individual Tasks and Accomplishments

Issues to Resolve

Short Plan for Next Week