Project Status

This week was the first week of Iteration 2. More importantly, however, this week we deployed and demonstrated our Iteration 1 features to our entire group of stakeholders. The meeting went well, and we received a lot of good feedback about our progress. This helped us develop our goals for Iteration 2. We have decided to pursue a small set of features for Iteration 2. In addition to some of these features, we are planning to add the polish and address any feedback from our Iteration 1 results. We have also planned on doing some refactoring in this Iteration. BugZilla currently has an up-to-date list of the things that will try to be addressed for Iteration 2. In terms of new items, we hope to have the dynamic form generation piece completely done. In addition to this, we'd like to begin support for the departments and administrative users viewing student evaluations. Lastly, we'd like to begin support for students changing their information while on co-op through our system.

Individual Tasks and Accomplishments

Issues to Resolve

Short Plan for Next Week