Project Status

This week was the final week in the revised schedule for Iteration 1. Major development efforts continued throughout the week by most members of the team. There was also a meeting on Tuesday to discuss some requirements issues with the sponsors. During this meeting a regular meeting time of 4 pm. on Tuesdays was established. Many of the features that were scheduled for Iteration 1 were completed and ready to be rolled out. This includes the key features of the login system for students, email functionality for students, (including notification and confirmation emails – as well as confirmation emails for employers), and most form related features. These features will be ready for demonstration this weekend and we will be focusing on finishing the remainder of our Iteration 1 goals and beginning the process of identifying those features which should be implemented in Iteration 2. These features can be discussed along with any changes to the Iteration 1 features in the Tuesday meeting following this week.

Individual Tasks and Accomplishments

Issues to Resolve

Short Plan for Next Week