Project Status

This was the first week after finals and break and we delivered Iteration 2 on Monday to our stakeholders. The meeting went well and we gathered lots of pertinent feedback. It is important to note that the stakeholders changed their minds about some key functionality which will result in significant development overhaul. However, we still feel confident in our schedule and process given our iterative approach. We also discussed the schedule for the remainder of the quarter and decided to have another meeting next monday to further discuss our progress. The major features that were discussed for Iteration 3 included reporting and an integration of student and employer information. We had a team meeting on friday to discuss this integration and came up with a concept that we will demo in monday's meeting. We also divided up the work for Iteration 3 and decided that on a weekly basis each team member would send an email detailing their accomplishments and work for that week to keep everyone accountable and informed.

Individual Tasks and Accomplishments

Issues to Resolve

Short Plan for Next Week