Project Status

This was the final week of Iteration 3, we had a meeting on Monday with our stakeholders and have essentially frozen new requirements to the system in hopes of delivering a feature-complete system for Iteration 3. This would leave Iteration 4 completely for testing and minor, low-impact changes such as text-changes. The team has been busy implementing the final features for the system including student reporting, and a handful of UI related changes. In addition, we have succesfully deployed the Iteration 2 release with ITS and hope to have this process down smoothly for our Iteration 3 release. We would like the Iteration 3 release to include a database update, as the last two drops have simply connected to our development database. Over the weekend, we will be finishing up the Iteration 3 features and potentially wiping the development database and doing some early testing.

Individual Tasks and Accomplishments

Issues to Resolve

Short Plan for Next Week