Scrum Velocity

The scrum velocity will be measured by calculating the story points of completed user stories per iteration. This metric will help the team estimate how much work can be completed during their next iteration.

Sprint 1 Velocity = 28

Sprint 2 Velocity = 44

Sprint 3 Velocity = 39

Sprint 4 Velocity = 25

Sprint 5 Velocity = 28

Sprint 6 Velocity = 42

Time Tracking

The time tracking metric will be calculated by recording how many hours each task takes to complete. This metric will help the team estimate efforts for future tasks.

Task Estimation Accuracy

The task estimation accuracy will be calculated by the equation: (sum of all tasks 'original estimate' values)/((sum of the all tasks 'completed time' values)+(sum of all tasks 'remaining time' values)). This metric will be calculated at the end of each sprint to help the team evaluate their current estimation process.

Sprint 1 Task Estimation Accuracy = 1.43

Sprint 2 Task Estimation Accuracy = 0.88

Sprint 3 Task Estimation Accuracy = 1.23

Sprint 4 Task Estimation Accuracy = 1.36

Sprint 5 Task Estimation Accuracy = 1.60

Sprint 6 Task Estimation Accuracy = 0.91