Cyber-secure data path for IoT mobile medical devices


Securely transmitting data is crucial for protecting patient health information in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and FDA guidelines for mobile medical devices. The goal of the project is to research and define a confidential and secure architecture for communicating with Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) devices. We will write a comprehensive research paper on the secure communication of medical information between two devices over BLE, and implement a prototype version of this architecture to provide a secure data connection between a BLE medical device and an Android application. The Android application will securely communicate with an electronic health record database for persistent storage.

Process Methodology

For this project, the team chooses to adopt Scrum as the project management methodology. Team deliverables will be divided into one-week sprints, and the team will meet to decide on the necessary tasks to complete each deliverable. Each task will be assigned points to reflect the effort required and team members will volunteer to work on each task. The points team members accomplish during the sprint will be used to update the Burndown chart as a metric for project progress tracking.

After each sprint, the team will perform a retrospective meeting to calculate team velocity, update a developer availability chart, and review team performance. The results from the retrospective meetings will feed into future sprints to help the team continuously improve.

With regard to team roles, the project sponsor will be the product owner and the Scrum master role will be rotated amongst all team members every two weeks. Team members including the Scrum master will work as researchers during the research phase of the project, and as developers during the prototyping phase of the project.



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