Team Efficiency:
Gorbel Learning Management System

The Gorbel Learning Management System (GLMS) will be used for delivering courseware related to the training of individuals whom construct, sell and utilized Gorbel manufactured material handling solutions. The primary functions of the system are to deliver company/product related courseware, track system metrics, and provide courseware/user management capabilities. Courseware will include training materials (such as the Gorbel pre-Dealer training course and product specific materials) and subsequent user evaluations. Trainees shall have the ability to maintain their profiles and enrollment in applicable courses. Course instructors shall have the ability to manage their lessons and student body’s enrollment.

The system will deliver the courseware via a web-based application. The application will be developed with the Visual Basic .Net and the .NET Framework v2.0 and will support the Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers. All courseware will be stored in a MS-SQL 2005 database and accessed using standardized Gorbel access libraries. The system will be designed and released on an iterative schedule with a primary focus on maintainability and modifiability.