The system which team Fraudix is responsible for delivering will provide assistance to PAETEC personnel and PAETEC customers who monitor the calling activity for fraud. “Toll Fraud” as it is commonly known, can take many forms – from the simple theft of authorization codes, to elaborate schemes in which calls are placed through devices which generate false billing records, or to certain telephone exchanges which charge the carriers excessive monies which are subsequently funneled off to the perpetrator. The system is required to perform fraud monitoring, detection, and alerting capabilities. The system will monitor at least 5 million long distance call records produced by PAETEC network subscribers each day. Therefore, given the magnitude of the number of calls monitored, the demands imposed on the system are primarily driven by its non-functional requirements such as performance, scalability and flexibility. Team strategies for delivering the product include the use of J2EE technology and Oracle database engine to provide a Web-based solution.