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STEP EMS Directory

Team Name: Hazmat

Team Hazmat will be working with the Society for Total Emergency
Programs (STEP) Council of the Genesee Region on the annual EMS
Directory produced by STEP each year. The EMS Directory is designed to
"facilitate Emergency Medical Services responses and emergency
preparedness".  The Directory is broken up into four sections that contain
lists of local EMS organizations, area doctors, governmental organizations,
medical protocols, ambulance codes, and other information that would be
helpful to those in an EMS related profession.  Currently the Directory is
created each year through a human and paper intensive process that involves
expensive and time consuming mailings and tedious manual entry of
information. In the short term, the EMS Directory software by Team Hazmat
will be a tool that saves the STEP Council time, money, and energy in the
compilation, generation, and distribution of the EMS Directory. In the long
term, the STEP Council hopes that the directory creation process can be
extended beyond the county level, to the state and federal level, including a
database. The EMSDirectory software will be designed with this long term
vision in mind.

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