KiLage Systems

Last updated:

April 26th

Project Synopsis

Kodak, a company known all over the world for their excellence in imagery and product quality, has designed and deployed over 85,000 printing kiosks worldwide. These kiosks are designed to accept digital images from devices such as memory cards, thumb drives, and other digital storage media. Once imported, these images can be used to produce a variety of prints, which range from Photographs, CDs, DVDs, and/or other digital products. Kodak kiosks are generally sold to retailers such as drug stores and/or merchandising stores where they are made available for the store's customers to use. These stations feature a 17" touch screen display and a wizard-like workflow to assist consumers in getting the best possible print products available. Kodak is constantly updating the printing solutions available to consumers on these kiosks so that the experience remains fresh and stress free.

The purpose of this project is to create a new high margin print solution that will be deployed to existing Kodak kiosks. This product will be a collage creation application where a consumer can quickly and easily create professional looking collages using nothing more then their finger tips. When complete, a consumer will be able to simply load their photos into the kiosk and crop, blend, rotate, resize, and position all of their favorite pictures into one professional collage. Once the consumer uses their finger to guide the last picture into place, their master piece can be printed just as easily as it was created. Only Kodak could bring collage making from the stone ages and into the 21st century with such an easy and fun to use tool.