I am an Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, Department of Software Engineering. My research group, Software Design and Productivity Laboratory, develops custom machine learning, data mining and big data analysis algorithms to solve software engineering problems in the areas such as software architecture analysis, requirements engineering, software traceability, security architecture, and source code comprehension. To enhance the developers' productivity, we design and implement Automated Software Tools that assist programmers working in mission and safety critical domains, performance centric and dependable software.

I worked for seven years as a software architect and designer on large, data-intensive, meteorological and health care systems. Currently, I serve on advisory board of two leading software companies in tool development. I regularly collaborate with my industrial partners on federally funded R&D projects, and partnership in technology transition.

I was fortunate enough to work with Jane Cleland-Huang during my doctoral studies at DePaul University. Check my academic genealogy here.