Project Information

Project Sponsor: US FDA
Faculty Coach: Prof. Michael Lutz
Team members: Ian Biller, Phillippe Dass, Bryan Eldridge, Jon Senchyna, Tracy Thomas
Year: 2008-2009, Winter and Spring quarters

The MISRA-C Compliance Checker will check well formed, compilable C code against a subset of the MISRA-C standard that consists of the statically checkable rules. It will provide the user with a list of violations, their locations, and their possible consequences. The rules will be prioritized by implementation difficulty, and addressed from easiest to most difficult in order to provide the greatest possible coverage of the MISRA-C standard in the time available. The project will build upon existing work and research at RIT to the extent allowed by sponsor constraints. The compliance checker will be released as an open source project that abides by any constraints placed upon it by the MISRA-C copyright, allowing it to be worked upon, contributed to, and used by anyone. It would also have the added benefit of being maintained by a community of developers in the case that the MISRA-C standards are changed.