Download Documents

This page lists download links to the project's documentation artifacts. The team will announce any updates to these documents at sponsor meetings and on the news page.

Document Download link

Project Schedule

Lists dates for deliverables

Download (.mpp)

Project Plan

Describes project goals and approach.

Download (.doc)

Software Requirements Specification

Download (.doc)

Design Document

Download (.doc)

Rule Matrix

Describes and classifies compliance checker rules.

Download (.xls)

Rule Priority Matrix

Lists priority assigned to each rule.

Download (.xls)

Risk Management Document

Describes project risks and mitigation strategies.

Download (.xls)

User Manual

Provides step-by-step instructions for usage of the system.

Download (.doc)

Maintenance Manual

Provides step-by-step instructions for modification and development of the system.

Download (.doc)

Progress Tracking

Team members update these effort tracking reports every week. There is also a team effort tracking report which combines everyone's effort.

Team member Latest progress tracking report
Ian Biller Download (.xls)
Phillippe Dass Download (.xls)
Bryan Eldridge Download (.xls)
Jon Senchyna Download (.xls)
Tracy Thomas Download (.xls)
Team Progress

Download (.xls)