Newstex Android


Providing thousands of people the news they want to read.

Newstex LLC provides news stories from thousands of sources (newspapers, publications, experts, government officials, etc.) and provides these news stories in the form of digital content to clients. Clients can designate particular topics that they are interested in receiving news about, and that content is provided to them via an information feed from within a Newstex application. Currently, Newstex targets clients with iPhones and iPads to provide content. When a new client begins using Newstex, a derivative of the Newstex application is deployed for that customer that is tailored to their functional needs (feed contains information of interest) and usability needs (app design suits aesthetic needs, and usage patterns). The goal of this project is to create a native Android version of the Newstex application that can be configured and deployed in a similar manner.


How we are going to complete this project

Process Methodology

The process methodology that is going to be used to develop this product is Scrum. Scrum was chosen for a few key reasons. A document heavy approach is not necessary since we want to create a prototype quickly. There is a small development team that can share the load of planning, developing and testing. The team also has prior experience using this type of process. The stand up meetings are a very quick an effective way of communication between the team. It matches up with the project sponsor’s development process.

Product and Process Metrics

Here is a list of Product and Process Metrics we will record during our development process:

  1. Story points per sprint
  2. Story points completed by each developer each sprint
  3. Number of incomplete story points at the end of each sprint
  4. How many story points each developer didn’t complete at the end of each sprint
  5. How many hours each team member has worked each week
  6. Defects found during each sprint
  7. Defects fixed during each sprint
  8. Average time for bug fixes
  9. Percent of code coverage with unit tests

Important documents to the project

Who we are

Rebecca Dudley Kevin Hartman Steve Crespo Brian Adams
Project Manager Server Side Lead Testing Lead Web Manager