Embedded Menu UI Code Generation (eMUG) Project
Project Synopsis
Harris Corporation - RF Communications uses a simple C++ Application Programming Interface (API) to program the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for their various production radios. As the complexity of the GUI has grown, the time needed to modify and extend it has also increased. The goal of the project is to provide a simple, graphical interface to efficiently automate the creation of skeleton implementation code that complies with current GUI API. The utility will be used internally by both technical and non-technical individuals employed by Harris Corporation. The final generated implementation skeleton needs to provide the minimal amount of C++ implementation code to allow engineers to complete and finalize the integration on the target machine.

The graphical depiction of the interface will be stored in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) format with a schema that will be agreed upon by both the sponsor and project team. The user of the utility may choose to modify the XML directly or by using the graphical interface. The XML will be parsed and compiled into the correct, equivalent C++ implementation code. The use of specific target machine profiles will define unknown values such as the maximum size of the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) contained on the target device.

The sponsor has not dictated a specific implementation language for the solution, however it is referred that we select a mature, stable, and well known language to allow future individuals to extend the solution. Also the sponsor has not placed any restrictions on the software development process we choose to employ for the project.
Team Contacts
Paul Gildea - psg2460 at rit.edu
Robert Smith - rms2169 at rit.edu
Nick Guzylak - ndg4428 at rit.edu
Brent Wilson - bmw2863 at rit.edu
eMUG Senior Project Poster