• Outlined the requirements from the initial project plan and the first meeting with the sponsor (team)
  • Decided on different levels of scope that we believe we’ll be able to complete (team)
    • Broke it into 4 levels: MVP, Tiers 1-3
    • MVP will be completed before the end of the project
    • Tier 1 is also in scope
    • Tiers 2 and 3 are stretch goals
  • Agreed on a methodology (team)
    • Incremental delivery
  • Set up the team website (Kaleb)
  • Set up the team SE account (Bryon)


  • Complete the requirements document to present to the sponsor next week (team)
  • Begin working on the design document (team)


  • There are some questions about the requirements that we need answered


  • Unsure about what stack is going to be used, so that unknown right now is a bit of a risk
  • Most of the requirements are in our MVP tier, so we need to be mindful of scope creep, and freeze the MVP
  • Understanding any technologies we don’t know
    • LDAP, Active Directory
    • Cloud Foundry
    • Twilio