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Project Update

Sprint 1 is now in full swing! The team has et up regular tri-weekly stand ups and has nailed down the development metrics that will be used to keep track of project status. A primary risk for this week is the number of exams that each teammate will have but we have worked to mitigate the risk through careful planning and estimation. Calculating velocity of a developer is a difficult process that will take a few weeks to solidify, especially since there are many more factors to take into account as a student. The relative velocity per team member may increase in following sprints based on the amout of coursework that is on everyone’s plate, but this will allow us to produce a much more accurate value.

We are now tracking all of issues and tasks in our issue tracker linked in the banner at the top of this site. this will allow the team to provide excellent visualizations at the end of the semester giving outside stakeholders a nice view of what we have completed so far.

Since the project is open source and only utilizes open source libraries to compute the results, there are many posibilities for contribution once we have finished our year as the pastafarians team. With this in mind, we want to keep a well documented list of issues, completed features, and primary risks that we have encountered. Hopefully this will help future students and contributers to make Linguine into an even greater tool that can be used for instruction in language science.

In addition, thhis week on tuesday 9/29 the team will be meeting with an ITS representative to discuss long term deployment solutions for the Linguine application. We have prepared a list of deployment criterion to be better prepared going into said meeting.

4-Up Chart

Week 5 4-UP Chart

Time Updates

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