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A Web-Based Language Analysis Tool!

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Project Update

Sprint 1 is coming to a close this Tuesday! Tonight we will be having our first Sunday tr-weekly stand up to keep in line with the SCRUM guidelines we have set to dictate our project.

We have decided to perform our other stand ups in the beginning of the Tuesday and Thursday senior project meetings. The first Tuesday standup was conducted this past Tuesday (9/29) with our project sponsor and coach in attendance. The team and sponsors believe that this meeting time will be effective to kick off our regular weekly discussions on Tuesdays.

The team must finish up some initial usability bugs an handle an issue with LDAP authentication into the system on local builds before moving forward. Earlier this week, the team noticed that only some members could log into the Linguine tool on their local development machines. The issues will hopefully be resolved before our upcoming Tuesday meeting.

Also on this past Tuesday we met with an RIT systems administrator to create a virtual machine to host the Linguine tool long term. We were fortunately suprised to see that the Liberal Arts depatment was ready and willing to provide a long term hosting solution with enough resources to allow the tool to be used by many clients! There will be more deployment information to come in subsequent posts, but thankfully for now one of our major risks is resolved.

4-Up Chart

Week 6 4-UP Chart

Time Updates

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