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A Web-Based Language Analysis Tool!

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This past week, the team spent some time reflecting on our previous sprint and planned out the work that we would like to accomplish over the next two weeks. Week 7 mainly revolved around identifying the UI refactoring that the team would perform. With the help of the peoject sponsor, we had come to the conclusion that it will be more intuitive to select an analysis before selecting any type of preprocessing options. This will allow certain preprocessing options to be restricted for given types of analysis. In addition, we had determined that the tokenizationa and cleanup options tab in the application could be condensed into a single preprocessing tab, since both tokenization and cleanup tasks can be categorized as preprocessing.

The team also spent some time reviewing the potential of including Illinois Curator and StanfordNLP java libraries into the project. While we believe this will provide some additional overhead to get the Java components up and deployed, it will be incredibly berneficial in the longrun when we can perform analysis that are backed by actual data models.

This past week, we also planned out the actual development work to condense the tabs in the analysis portion of the UI and wrote up documentation on the existing project’s architecture and the directory structure of both the python and nodeJS repositiories. All of this information can be seen in the root level of the team’s google drive folder.

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Week 7 4-UP Chart

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