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Many UI tasks as well as the setup of the Illinois Curator local instance were completed this week. While we unfortunately did not accomplish as much as we had liked due to the setup of Curator and commitments to other courses, the team believes that we are still on track to complete user testing on the first week after Thanksgiving break.

In order to accomplish this, many tasks need to be completed before Thanksgiving rolls around:

As we will be sharing development time with tasks given to the team by the SE department (preparing a mid-term presentation, evaluations, etc…) we would like to have many of the big blocking tasks resolved before the end of our 4th sprint. This upcoming week, the team will be getting in touch with Chris to hopefully get deployment rolling by the end of week 12. Concurrently, we will be constructing user tests scenarios and working on the Java interface with Illinois Curator.

After discussing the tasks ahead of us with our project sponsor, the team is feeling confident that we can split all of these tasks up to be completed in parallel. While we may not be able to perform user testing against analyses provided by Curator or StanfordNLP, we would like to have at least two analyses from each tool operational in Linguine before our mid-term presentation on December 8th.

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